Strategic Marketing

is not about buzz words or silver bullets.


stems from Intentional Listening ...

an understanding of marketplace realities ...

deep, relevant experience ...

And Collaboration with stakeholders

in the creation of Solutions

that connect with the target audience



Thought Leadership

Marketing Brain Fodder

A dynamic marketplace means change. And change brings opportunity. For nearly two decades the Marketing Brain Fodder blog has been a source for ideas, tools and strategies central to the development and marketing of a sustainable professional services practice.


A Primer for Professional Service Practice Development

The development of a professional services practice is not a matter of rocket science. This primer — ideal for anyone wrestling with where to begin — presents a simple formula that is the foundation for business development success.


Strategic Business Development Process

With the caveat that there isn’t a cookie-cutter that fits every situation, a successful business development plan will create sustained visibility, deliver measurable value to the target, and facilitate the opportunity for a face-to-face pitch. While the specifics for how to execute at each phase will vary, this graphic is offered as an initial way to think about the path your efforts follow.

What Sets Us Apart

Eric is strategic in his thinking, personable, responsive, insightful, and skilled in growing a business.

I first met and worked with Eric Fletcher in 2000 when I was COO of an Am Law 100 law firm and Eric served in an executive leadership capacity in the Marketing Department. Eric is a person of enormous talent. He is strategic in his thinking, personable, responsive, insightful, and skilled in growing a business. I have started two professional service consulting ventures in the last decade, and Eric has been my sounding board for strategic direction and market analysis. I recommend him highly, without reservation." Roger Hayse, ormer AmLaw COO; Director, Hayse LLC

No Awards For Listening

They don’t pass out awards for Listening, but this is where winning communication begins. Simply creating awareness misses the mark. The best messaging we can muster is of no consequence unless the target decides to listen. Effective initiatives have an ear bent permanently toward the target.This is the foundation of Strategic Marketing.”

Eric R. Fletcher


Intentional Listening

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