Sure...real-market experience comes with some time. But it’s a mistake to equate quality experience simply in terms of time-put-in. A better gauge for depth and breadth may be in the feedback of stakeholders, collaborators and peers. Each of us owes a debt to those that have offered opportunities along the way. We’ve worked with professionals of the highest order. And we express appreciation to those willing to share their endorsement in this venue.

AmLaw 100 Chairman

Pat Mitchell"Eric and I worked together for 6 years at an Am Law 100 firm, and I have the highest regard for him. He provides thoughtful advice and honest, inspires trust, and listens well. He maintains his composure under fire, and is adept at dealing with demanding circumstances. He is a team player that will provide candid advice and observations. He is a seasoned executive and a talented professional. I was fortunate to work with Eric."

-- Patrick Mitchell, former Chairman, Jenkens & Gilchrist, Dallas Office Managing Partner, Hunton & Williams

AmLaw 100 Chief Operating Officer

Hayse Picture“I first met and worked with Eric Fletcher in 2000 when I was COO of an Am Law 100 law firm and Eric served in an executive leadership capacity in the Marketing Department. Eric is a person of enormous talent. He is strategic in his thinking, personable, responsive, insightful, and skilled in growing a business. I have started two professional service consulting ventures in the last decade, and Eric has been my sounding board for strategic direction and market analysis. I recommend him highly, without reservation."

-- Roger Hayse, former AmLaw COO; Director, Hayse LLC

Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Executive Professionals

Fuller“I’ve known and worked with Eric for more than 15 years, and he is the consummate professional. He combines a high EQ with a high IQ, and that results in strong leadership, meaningful advice, and effective deliverables. Eric is regarded as one of the more innovative and critical thinkers in our industry, which is evidenced by his impressive body of work. What really sets Eric apart from many others is his ability to listen and communicate with a wide array of people. I’m grateful to know Eric and to have worked with him, and honored to call him a friend and mentor.”

— Patrick Fuller, Vice President Legal Intelligence, ALM Media LLC.

Allen Fuqua"Eric combines rare gifts in both business development and marketing communications into a package that makes a difference in any organization. We began working together when I was at Ernst & Young Consulting, where I brought Eric in to manage high-end pursuits. Later we worked together at Jenkens & Gilchrist, an Am Law 100 firm. Eric gets up every morning with one goal -- to make a difference for the people he works with."

-- Allen Fuqua, Chief Marketing Officer, Winstead

Kent Huffman"In addition to his impressive track record as a marketer and communicator, Eric Fletcher has a unique set of skills that enhance his value to all those around him. He's a strategic architect who knows the importance of integrating the marketing strategies and tactics with solid business development, sales, and communication techniques. And Eric is a true team player who understands how to build solid relationships. He's the complete package."

-- Kent Huffman, Chief Marketing Officer, BearCom Wireless

Bourland"I have known Eric personally and professionally for more than 30 years. He is a nationally recognized thought leader as a marketer, communicator, and business/client development strategist. His insight, planning and execution have made a difference for organizations large and small across the country. For all his professional merits, Eric is, above all, a man of character and conscience. His integrity shapes his work and earns the trust of those with whom he associates."

-- Bill Bourland, Chief Marketing Officer, First Liberty Institute

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”I have been fortunate enough to have known Eric as both a coworker and as a mentor, and thus have had many opportunities to see his wide array of talents. In addition to being incredibly creative, he is also a remarkable problem solver. He has an amazing ability to truly 'hear' his clients and zero in on their needs, and then develop and implement plans that enable them to reach their goals. He both educates and inspires and has an unwavering commitment to bringing excellence to everything he works on.”

— Lynn Bjosted, CMP, Founder & CEO, Premier Meeting & Event Management

A449E71A 18F9 43B8 95B3 A7868454678F“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Eric Fletcher as a member of a Senior Administrative team for a large national law firm for 6 years. Eric brings a finely honed set of leadership and collaborative skills to a team environment. Eric has a talent for listening and works from the premise that there are no problems, only solutions. His innate ability to apply inventive and creative thinking to solutions is inspiring and energizing to those fortunate enough to work with him.“

— Peg Nelson, former Director of Administration, McGlinchey Stafford