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8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success

More than 150 Marketing Pros Weigh In On "8 Mandates For Social Media Marketing Success" by Kent Huffman, with Eric Fletcher. More information.

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The setting was a roundtable session.  The floor belonged to an Am Law 100 law firm leader.  And the question she posed was clear:  ”what must we do to get the highest value from our marketing / business development investments?”

The context for her question was the all-too-familiar drill.

Plans are drafted.  And they gather dust.

There is talk (hours of it at times) about web sites and collateral materials, staffing, technology, and a platform that seems to perpetually shift.

Experience tells us there are few, if any short-cuts to business development; yet we search for a quick-fix or a silver bullet, and repeatedly invest in the latest flavor-of-the-month solution.

The law firm leader concluded with an exclamation.  “We dissect analytics, reorganize groups and support functions, and reengineer process and procedure.  And progress is negligible.”


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