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8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success

More than 150 Marketing Pros Weigh In On "8 Mandates For Social Media Marketing Success" by Kent Huffman, with Eric Fletcher. More information.

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Cordell ParvinDuring a couple of decades in professional services business development, I’ve met a handful of individuals that could make it rain in any condition. Cordell Parvin is one of them. When I met Cordell he was a progressive practice group leader for an Am Law 100 law firm. Following great success in that arena, he branched out and built a new business, training and coaching other lawyers in the art of building a thriving practice. He is tireless, tenacious, and he genuinely loves coaching lawyers. His passion for progress is evident in today’s Guest Post. After you’ve enjoyed his contribution here, you can connect and follow him daily, here and here.  Cordell — thanks for this Post.


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