Wonder how RainMakers always seem to be in the right place at the right time? Connected to the right organizations, in touch with the right decision makers, ahead of the pack? Welcome to 90-Second Notebook — a new resource that provides the strategic framework of an experienced consultant, plus

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Coaching is about providng the right combination of 5 critical things:

  • a Personalized Program -- a plan and a process that fits your personality, the parameters of your calendar, and the realities of your practice
  • Strategic Focus -- aligning investments with a keen eye on action items that move you ever closer to the right conversations with the right individuals
  • Athletic Innovation -- the market is a dynamic place that demands adaptation (without repeated trips back to the drawing board)
  • Motivation and Accountability -- we all need it...and we all do better when we have it.

And routine. Working out every-so-often won't get you in shape. And turning to a dusty business development plan when things get slow won't result in the kind of practice you seek to build. So our approach to business development coaching comes in 6-month increment — at least 1 one-on-one call per month. We’ll design an approach that employs all four critical elements in appropriate measure, and delivers tips, tools and outside perspectives along the way.

Our 90-Second Notebook program is a great way to test the water. Check it out via the Services menu.