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8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success

More than 150 Marketing Pros Weigh In On "8 Mandates For Social Media Marketing Success" by Kent Huffman, with Eric Fletcher. More information.

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Building a legal or professional services practice that lasts requires beginning with a solid approach. FOUNDATION is a multi-chapter Primer designed to take you from business development 101 to the creation of a target list and an executable business development plan. Take it a chapter at a time -- spend a few minutes each day with the ideas and principles -- and whether you're starting from scratch or reinventing, you'll be on your way to the development of an enduring practice.

Part One: A Marketing Philosophy

ColumnsWhen it comes to a professional services practice, Marketing is about Connecting. It isn't about activity, or brochures, or ads, or even visibility. All of those can play a role; but marketing is about making contact with those who will make it possible for you to take your practice where you want to take it.

So, when we talk marketing philosophy, it is far from an esoteric discussion. We're talking about what lies at the heart of a quantifiable, effective, and efficient approach to growing your practice.

Foundation: Part Two

EyeThis is the easy part.  But the temptation is to generalize.

If you answer the question, “What are your objectives?” with comments like “To be the best lawyer I can be” or “To have an excellent, thriving practice” then when it comes to marketing, you haven’t nailed your objectives.  Certain things are presumed.  You wouldn’t where you are, focused on business development if you didn't aspire to excellence.  The initiative that brings you to this discussion suggests you won’t be satisfied with status quo.

Target 2013A big-time marketing pitfall is to mistake Objectives for Targets (or vice versa).  So let’s distinguish between the two.

Your Targets are those companies, individuals, and organizations you’ve identified as key to helping you realize your objectives.  And while one of your objectives might be to develop a profitable working relationship with a specific company (as noted in Part 2), your Targets should be much more specific than simply noting the name of the company.

How specific?  Think names.

SleeplessIf you’ve made it this far you’ve articulated specific objectives and identified the targets that will make those objectives real.  Now it’s time to get to know your targets.

In marketing terms…now we identify the Business Drivers.

What are Business Drivers?  The definition used earlier in our discussion is one of the best: Business Drivers are those compelling things that are so central to success that they keep your Target up at night.  They are top-of-mind. They are about productivity, cash flow, and ultimate profitability.  They are about liabilities today and securing tomorrow.  They are the issues that change the shape of industries.  They are local, and they are global.  And they are the keys to the measurable growth of your practice.

And (just to make it interesting), your Target may not connect them to your service.


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