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8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success

More than 150 Marketing Pros Weigh In On "8 Mandates For Social Media Marketing Success" by Kent Huffman, with Eric Fletcher. More information.

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Part One: A Marketing Philosophy

ColumnsWhen it comes to a professional services practice, Marketing is about Connecting. It isn't about activity, or brochures, or ads, or even visibility. All of those can play a role; but marketing is about making contact with those who will make it possible for you to take your practice where you want to take it.

So, when we talk marketing philosophy, it is far from an esoteric discussion. We're talking about what lies at the heart of a quantifiable, effective, and efficient approach to growing your practice.

Implicit in the discussion is the fact that you know where you want to take your practice, that you can identify the clients (or colleagues and friends) that are key to the process, and that there is opportunity for a relationship between you and your targets.

To put it in Marketing language, connection occurs when you have a specific Objective(s); you have identified your Targets(s); you know and understand the Business Driver(s) - those compelling business realities that are so top-of-mind that they cause sleepless nights; and finally, you are prepared to share a Solution.

In the simplest terms (and the genius of the best marketing is its simplicity) the successful marketing of your practice begins when you are viewed by your Targets as one able to provide a solution to the business issues that precipitate sleepless nights. This affords you the opportunity to transcend the conventional bounds of your practice.

So, as simple as it is, this is the test for the development of a marketing strategy, and the creation of a personal marketing plan:

  • Does it line up with your Objectives?
  • Does it make contact and facilitate meaningful relationship with your Targets?
  • Does it speak directly to their Business Drivers -- what keeps them up at night?
  • Does it offer a Solution?
That's Chapter 1 -- the Philosophical basis for our strategic discussion. Next week we'll explore the second step in creating a professional services marketing plan.
(And watch for our FOUNDATION vidoe series...coming soon.
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