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8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success

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Foundation: Part Two

EyeThis is the easy part.  But the temptation is to generalize.

If you answer the question, “What are your objectives?” with comments like “To be the best lawyer I can be” or “To have an excellent, thriving practice” then when it comes to marketing, you haven’t nailed your objectives.  Certain things are presumed.  You wouldn’t where you are, focused on business development if you didn't aspire to excellence.  The initiative that brings you to this discussion suggests you won’t be satisfied with status quo.

For purposes of this discussion, an objective looks something like this:

  • I want to achieve gross collections of X in the next 18 months; or,
  • I want to double the size of my personal practice over the next three years; or,
  • I want to land XYZ Co. as a client; or (and this one really gets to the heart of it),
  • I want my unique Solution to achieve a quantifiable position of market leadership within two years.

Every practice is different.  And every professional has unique perspectives and goals.  So there is not a cookie-cutter solution or shortcut to clearly identifying your objectives.  We will make a couple of suggestions, however.  First, realize that objectives will likely be dynamic.  They’ll change as the shape of your practice and conditions of the market change.  Revisit and rethink them on an annual basis, at least.

Next, be as specific as you can.  Where possible, name names, identify your own metrics of progress.

And don't give in to the temptation to cut corners.  That said, pull out a clean slate and work a couple of lists.

List short-term goals that you can accomplish in the next two to three months that will help you reach your Objectives.  Then, take a step back and list three objectives that are long-term -- 24 to 36 months out.

With lists in hand, you'll be prepared for the third installment of Foundation -- Target Identification.

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